At Ebola ground zero in DR Congo, new vaccine and hope

More than 2,000 people have died since the outbreak of the disease, but better treatment and a new vaccine give residents hope.


Shooting Jerusalem: Life in a segregated city

Filmmaker reflects on the making of his documentary and his bid to find out what it means to live in and identify with the city of Jerusalem.

Slave trade

UK truck deaths: Vietnam hotbed of people smugglers

Three years after Al Jazeera uncovered Vietnamese human trafficking practices to the UK, the business is still going strong.


Manila's interminable wait for better public transport

Most trips in Manila are made by public transport commuters but precedence is given to private vehicles.

Middle East

What do the Iraqi protesters want?

Protests over lack of jobs, services, and government corruption erupt in Baghdad and quickly spread to other Iraqi cities, killing dozens.


'Toxic cocktail': The horror of Indonesia's haze

Aisyah Llewellyn found out just what living in hazardous air meant when she went to Jambi to report on Indonesia's devastating fires.